Friday, September 25, 2009

Having Fun!

I wanted to take a picture with Klaira, and it was cute until you take the camera out. Then all she wants is the camera. So I had to tickle her to get a good smiley picture!

Klaira is getting so big! She is having so much fun at the babysitter, too! She learns new things every day, and makes us laugh all the time!

She loves to take food to the end of the hallway and eat it. She is always so silly, especially when we go to take a picture.

This is the Sunday after the swing accident, and she is all ready for church and very hard to take a picture of.
This was about a week after the black eye went away. She got hit by an old broken plastic swing that swung back right into her face. It swelled up quickly, but we were able to keep her calm and ice it for a bit.
Her first black eye. She fell on our bed into the footboard. It was very sad, but she was okay!
We went boating, and Klaira had a lot of fun in the boat, but we left the camera in our car, so this is her afterward. She is so stinkin cute!
Blaine got a chocolate silk pie for his birthday! It was so good!
These are Klaira's twin cousins, Payten and Cooper! She loves babies, so she thinks they are pretty cool!
We took Klaira's one year old pictures and she did pretty well. We had to take a lot to get those great ones, but it was fun! These are only a few!
Klaira loves dogs! This is our friends dog, and he is super nice.


the milners said...

Hey stranger! Klaira is absolutely the cutest "little Tessa". It is so fun to see her growing up! I hope you're doing well! Miss you TONS!

Gail B said...

She is soooo cute. Klaira's brown bow and white shirt pics are sooooooooooooooooooo cute. The black eye and that cut made me so sad though. I hate it when babies/kids get hurt. so sad.

Mindy said...

Hi! Your family is so cute! Can you email me your email so that I can add you on our blog? Our email is