Friday, June 14, 2013

No update, it's been too long but here are our cute children now!  Yes, they are bigger and older and soooo much fun!  We are having a lot of fun with this warm weather and all of the many things to explore!

 Jeffery wasn't really scared, but very interested!  It was funny!
 They both love bubbles, of course!

 SOOOOOOO CUTE!  He is getting to be such a little boy; no more baby Jeffery!
Easter picture.  It is hard to catch Jeffery's "cheeeese" face.
 OOOOOYYAAAAA BABY!  Klaira now rides without training wheels.  She is very proud, and her phrase to people asking is that she "got the hang of it".  She is going on two months now and loving every minute.  She is growing up!
 So I have started making baby ties.  I love it.  It is fun. I made some for Jeffery.  Then, I made some for a fundraiser for our school.  Pretty soon people were ordering them, and now I make ties.  I have done sizes for pretty much anyone, because a friend of my bought this green one in the middle and a matching one for her husband for Father's Day!  They are all so fun and I love going to Shelley to the Ribbon Retreat to find more awesome fabric!

 The matching red ones were for two boys who are good friends! Cute!

 The blessing tie was so cute and little!

 This was my first tie for my little man's one year pictures!  He was so cute!
This is the one I am going to be making today.  I love the multicolored chevron.  Actually all chevron is just adorable.  What am I saying..... any tiny tie on a little man is soooooo cute!