Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We are 11 months old!!! I cant believe it!

She love the park, but she loves the dirt most of all.

This is one of the many funny faces I got when trying to take her 11 month picture!
She can finally reach, barely!
She loves to play with the cars at Grandma Barrow's house.
Klaira loves her Fancy Nancy book!
She is getting so big!
She loves nectarines! She almost ate the whole thing!
This is just a random picture of us enjoying the sun. Also, she seems to not mind her hats so much, because this one doesn't even have a strap to hold it on.
Klaira likes to put things in her mouth and then go about all her other playing business. It is quite funny because some things are very large, but to her she just likes to chew!

We had to go to Montana for my Grandma Anderson's funeral. It was a very nice funeral, and we got to see a lot of family on that side of my family. Klaira got to meet some of her cousins (actually they were all my cousins kids). She had so much fun! This is a picture of Will, who was born about 4 days before her! (And I am really not sure why I look almost ill in this picture, oh well!)

She loves to swing!