Saturday, February 13, 2010

We have been having fun!

This is a hat that my mom made for Klaira. She got the idea from a blog where they made a hat out of a sweater. My mom did this from Montana, so she didn't have her head right there and it might have been the wrong kind of sweater. We aren't totally sure what happened, but Klaira thought it was funny!
Klaira loves books and this day she read this book like this for a while. She always has to have her feet crossed!
She got a few babies for Christmas and loves them.

This cute rocking chair is so fun. She likes to rock her babies! During Christmas she didn't like anybody else sitting in it.
My mom and I made this skirt during new years. We were proud of ourselves because we didn't have a pattern, just what was in my head. It turned out really cute!
I am not totally sure what she is thinking here, but she loves to feed her babies.
Klaira loves to be outside. We were trying to get her to catch some snowflakes in her mouth. She thought we were pretty funny. There were really really big snowflakes right before we got out there with our camera!
Eating snowballs is easier!
I just love this picture, because she loves to push her stroller around all the time sometimes with no babies in it. She usually has her purse on her shoulder! This particular morning she was really happy and smiley!