Saturday, April 19, 2008

Getting Closer!

Ok, so I know this seems like a quick post, but you have to remember that the last picture of my belly was posted very late, I got lazy!
So this is me at 28 weeks! Time is flying by now! I am still feeling very good and still sleeping on the couch! Ya, it is way more comfortable!!!! Blaine misses me, but enjoys the whole bed to himself!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


We took a nice trip to Montana for spring break! We had a ton of fun hanging out, visiting family, and making baby stuff! Some of my awesome friends threw me a baby shower and we a lot of fun! It was so nice to see and talk to everyone again and they are all so generous, I can't believe i! We have a bunch of cute clothes and stuff for our daughter! Thanks everyone!

We had fun playing games and we all laughed really hard!

I think everyone had a great time!

Thanks Jamie!

Here we are at 6 months!!

Here we are starting to get bigger. We are really excited! I am definitely needing to get some new "fat" clothes real soon! The baby is moving more now and that is so amazing! We have a few names (that we aren't mentining) and it is fun to talk abou them and try to decide!