Sunday, November 22, 2009

Halloween and More!

Klaira loves to color and write with pens and pencils!
Sometimes she can draw for a surprisingly long time!
Sometimes she tries to eat them, we are working on that!
She can be so goofy lately!
This is our "Fancy Nancy"! "Fancy Nancy" is an adorable book that she has! She really likes it and so we decided to just put all of the fancy things we had on her and let her just be so cute! Some people were guessing that she was a movie star or a diva, so sometimes I just said yes!
These are Jessica's three boys, Klaira's cousins. Klaira's glasses are crooked because we borrowed them from our friends and glued them together before she could wear them. And I must have glued them funny! But surprisingly she would keep them on for a really long time. It was funny and everyone was noticing that she didn't care to wear them!
Our trunk or treat! All of our friends dressed up so cute!
Grandma Barrow and Klaira at her ward trunk or treat/Halloween party, inside! It was fun!