Saturday, August 16, 2008

Klaira at a Month

Klaira was blessed on August 3, 2008!

This is her cute little sweat suit!
Klaira is checking out her dad! She is getting sooooo big!
Every time she gets out of the car seat she stretches as hard as she can, for a really long time! It is so cute!

This is Klaira's friend Olivia Howard. They had tons of fun together, can't you tell!

Just hanging out in her swing (which she loves)!

She always tries to suck her thumb. She will take her pacifier, but if that isn't available she tries for the thumb, often getting her fingers or her knuckles. This was the first time she managed to get her thumb, and no matter what I tried to do the rest of her fingers had to be just that way or her thumb would pop out!

Klaira always sleeps with her hands up and by her face, so this picture is just precious!

Just a little photo shoot!
She was making that cute smiley face when the flash would go off!

Home from the hospital!

Klaira loves her dad.