Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's a brother!

Well here I am at 20 weeks!
And here I am at 24 weeks!
We carved our pumpkin for FHE last week. We all, especially Klaira had a great time. She had no problem getting messing, as you will see in the next pictures. Blaine was the artist and carver and Klaira and I took care of the insides!
I think it turned out pretty spooky looking, thanks dad!
These are some new pajamas that Grandma Anderson made. Klaira wanted some Halloween pants because she saw some at a store. So we asked Grandma if she could handle that and she made three pair of new pajamas. Two are Halloween and the other is just cute flowers. In this picture she is where the pants with black cats. The other pair have all colors of cats that are arching their back, and Klaira won't put them on because she thinks they are too big, but actually she thinks they are too scary, which I find quite funny! So we are working on the courage for those!

This is her little pile of hair from her very first haircut! She was very excited! It wasn't much of a haircut because she just need the very back evened out with the rest of her hair. But it was her first so it was momentous and she loved it!

Always helping!
Klaira loves playing with play dough so we do it often. Lately, she will randomly talk about mustaches or bring them up. One day she even told me that some day when she is older she will have a mustache. We had to talk about that for a minute. But she does draw them in some of her drawings of other people. So the other day she had to show us her pink mustache. For this picture we tried to show her how to look like she was thinking about something really intelligent! It is so hilarious I could barely take the picture I was laughing so hard!
Our snowmen.
Klaira loves puzzles. She does them almost every day (sometimes multiple time a day). She is getting pretty good. But we have a great time helping her learn! Thanks for the help dad!