Friday, July 2, 2010


This is just a very cute picture! I don't even remember where we were. But she was putting her hands in her pockets and she loves her flip flops with the giraffes. She calls them fleepops, it is cute!
She always likes zebras! We stayed here for a bit too! They were really cool!
We could hardly pry her away from this drinking fountain!
She loved the tigers, especially this one!
We took a little trip to Montana at the beginning of June! We had a ton of fun! Klaira loved my dad's fountain with the fish!

We set up a little pool my mom bought, and on the warmest day she played in it for about 15 or 20 minutes. She wanted to stay in but she was shivering! She loves the water!

She was pretending to be asleep!

Blaine gave her some chocolate pudding and left for a few split moments and returned to this. She was actually washing her armpits with it! Lovely! The mud bath probably felt quite nice!
I took some pictures of Klaira before church one day because she was looking so cute!
Well, she is going to be two soon, and she was being a big goober! But it was fun and turned out cute!
So stinkin cute!