Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Cute, Growing Klaira!

So here is our big catch-up blog! There really are a lot of pictures, but I tried to explain most of them. We have taken two trips to Montana and my brother got married. So a lot has been going on. Oh, and Klaira is now almost 10 months old! She is growing so fast and getting such a cute and funny personality! We love her so much!
I plan on posting more often so it doesn't take me forever.
I hope you enjoy all of the pictures!

The cherios started sticking to her feet. She thought it was pretty funny!

Klaira found that the refridgerator is really cool (in Montana), and now if she can she will go right for it whenever it is opened!

Me and my brother, Mac! He is a married man! I think his new wife, Jessie, is great and seems to like us too!

So maybe some of the pictures seem out of order, but there is a lot to post and I think everyone will just have to enjoy them however I put that on!
This is something I made! It was fun and pretty easy!
This is Kim Parker! She now lives in Las Vegas, but I grew up babysitting her kids in Drummond. She is an amazing woman and a great friend! My wonderful mother is of course on the left side, and she is my hero and inspiration! I love her so much! LOVE YOU MOM!
We went through the worst storm we had ever driven through, when we were coming home on our first trip to Montana, for spring break, at the end of March! It was so scarey. You couldn't see at all, so it was like driving blind. We could see the semi that was barely ahead of us, sometimes, and occasionally we would see a reflector on the side. And it wasn't even dark. These are pictures of what our car looked like when we finally made it home! Blaine was very calm and did a wonderful job getting us home safe!

These are at the temple! I did kind of mix up the wedding pictures with the reception in Montana, but you can tell the difference!

This is at the reception in Montana! Jessie has a neice a few days older than Klaira!

Easter was fun! Since the wedding was the day before, my parents were still there! Klaira thought the plastic eggs were cool, and she didn't even know that most children got candy inside! That will be an even bigger surprise in a couple of years!

On April 11 my little brother got married in the Idaho Falls Temple. It was a beautiful day!

This is an updated pictures of our 4 generations!

We are 9 months old now! We can't believe how big she is getting!

I tried to keep her hat on her too so she didn't get sunburned, it was pretty cute!

This is the first time Klaira actually drank from her hard-topped sippy! She was so excited!

We take a walk to the park to swing whenever we have a nice day! Trust me, she does enjoy the swing!

Yes, it's a toothpick!

My Grandma and Grandpa Anderson just loved seeing Klaira and how much she has grown!

Klaira with her Great Grandpa Anderson, in Hamilton, MT.

While in Montana we bough this adorable swimming suit!

She didn't sleep well in Montana. She always wanted to stay up with the party!

She loves to walk around on the couch. She gets up and down really fast. She really wants to walk!

Nice red eye, but when we fix that, I think this picture really turned out!

Here she is 8 months old!

I was trying to tickle her to try to show off her top teeth. When she smiles you mostly see her bottom 2 (now 3). We just keep getting more and more teeth. And she loves to use them!

She thinks the pacifiers are chew toys. Oh, well!

These are Klaira's good friends Jack and Eliza! They love her and take very good care of her when we are all hanging out! She loves kids and is dying to run around like them!

She loves to peek around things and people to see you! It is the cutest thing!
This is Klaira at 7 months old!
Klaira with her Grandma Anderson.

Klaira with her cousin Bryson sitting on Grandma Barrow's chairs!