Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Here are some Christmas pictures. We had a lot of fun in Aberdeen with the Beck's. Klaira loves her cousins and the wrapping paper!
We made graham cracker houses and had a lot of fun!
Klaira even got a little war wound while she was enjoying all of the paper on Christmas morning!


So here I am posting a big bunch of pictures! I feel bad because I don't have much time to be posting, but when I do I end up looking at everyone elses blogs and then my time is spent. So here it is Klaira being all cute (she is the one you really want to see).

She is now 6 months, sitting up, eating some food (but lately hating it all), rolling over like a champ, and trying really hard to crawl. Oh and don't forget the three and a half teeth we are enjoying. They are super cute. The two on the bottom are visible in a few of the pictures! ENJOY!