Sunday, November 22, 2009

Halloween and More!

Klaira loves to color and write with pens and pencils!
Sometimes she can draw for a surprisingly long time!
Sometimes she tries to eat them, we are working on that!
She can be so goofy lately!
This is our "Fancy Nancy"! "Fancy Nancy" is an adorable book that she has! She really likes it and so we decided to just put all of the fancy things we had on her and let her just be so cute! Some people were guessing that she was a movie star or a diva, so sometimes I just said yes!
These are Jessica's three boys, Klaira's cousins. Klaira's glasses are crooked because we borrowed them from our friends and glued them together before she could wear them. And I must have glued them funny! But surprisingly she would keep them on for a really long time. It was funny and everyone was noticing that she didn't care to wear them!
Our trunk or treat! All of our friends dressed up so cute!
Grandma Barrow and Klaira at her ward trunk or treat/Halloween party, inside! It was fun!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Having Fun!

I wanted to take a picture with Klaira, and it was cute until you take the camera out. Then all she wants is the camera. So I had to tickle her to get a good smiley picture!

Klaira is getting so big! She is having so much fun at the babysitter, too! She learns new things every day, and makes us laugh all the time!

She loves to take food to the end of the hallway and eat it. She is always so silly, especially when we go to take a picture.

This is the Sunday after the swing accident, and she is all ready for church and very hard to take a picture of.
This was about a week after the black eye went away. She got hit by an old broken plastic swing that swung back right into her face. It swelled up quickly, but we were able to keep her calm and ice it for a bit.
Her first black eye. She fell on our bed into the footboard. It was very sad, but she was okay!
We went boating, and Klaira had a lot of fun in the boat, but we left the camera in our car, so this is her afterward. She is so stinkin cute!
Blaine got a chocolate silk pie for his birthday! It was so good!
These are Klaira's twin cousins, Payten and Cooper! She loves babies, so she thinks they are pretty cool!
We took Klaira's one year old pictures and she did pretty well. We had to take a lot to get those great ones, but it was fun! These are only a few!
Klaira loves dogs! This is our friends dog, and he is super nice.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Klaira's First Birthday!

Well, we had a great birthday party for Klaira! Some friends and family came and had fun with us! Sadly Klaira had had a fever all day and was not feeling well. She was almost asleep about 6:00, but didn't end up quite letting me put her down, so she stayed up (feeling miserable) for the party! As soon as she came outside and saw the kids she got some energy from somewhere and played with them! She was walking around everywhere (oh ya she is walking and has been for about a month now, it is so cute because she is pretty short). So if she looks a little sad in some of the pictures that's why. But she is better now. She is trying to get three molars in at the same time, which is a little rough!
Thanks everyone for coming and having fun with Klaira!
All of the kids were just as excited about each present (probably more) as Klaira! It was quite fun to watch them all!
She loves this book! It is big and kind of heavy, but she will carry it across the room to me!
A baby doll!
She loves this beach ball. She likes to carry it around as much as she can and then throw it.
Cool basketball hoop! Thanks Grandpa! And a new big girl car seat! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Barrow and Aunt Jessica and Uncle Nick!
The candle is lit, bt you can't really tell. I am holding it a little away from her because she was wanting to grab it as soon as she saw it! I don't have a picture of her cupcake for some reason, but it has white frosting and a pink flower on top!
We got Klaira a cute little princess keyboard that she thinks is really cool because she loves music and pianos!
Here she goes!

All messy!
The birthday girl sitting with her friends, looking very tired!
This is my best attempt at a cute butterfly cupcake cake! I think it turned out great! Thanks to my wonderful husband and mother who frosted it for me (at the last minute)!
Klaira loves to swim. She gets right in the water, cold as ever, and just splashes around. She had fun in the sprinkler too, I didn't have the camera that day. I just love her suit that I found at Target. Thanks Sue for letting us come over to play in your water!

Grandma Anderson brought bubbles for Klaira to play with and she thought they were really fun! She was waving the wand around like crazy, usually too fast!

She loves her teddy bear, and will take it around with her by the arm, it is adorable. So I am hoping to get a good picture of her carrying it! So if anyone has some good suggestions on cleaning stuffed animals I would love to hear about them!
Playing with Grandpa Anderson, and we actually got her to say "Grandpa" while they were visiting, and she still says it!
Klaira is starting to want to do everything herself, including eating. She is getting better but still needs a lot of help sometimes, but it is really cute!

We went to a Fourth of July breakfast at our ward parking lot, and they were giving horse rides. So I took Klaira and she loved it!